Roller Champions: Rules of the Arena | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published: 18 June 2019
  • Tackling, dodging, passing, scoring, and doing it all on rollerskates? That’s Roller Champions. We break down the rules of the game, show off how it plays, and demo some tricks to get you pumped for this free-to-play, 3v3 team sports game coming in early 2020.




    Welcome to 2029. Roller Champions arenas are built all over the world and fans rush to the stands to admire their modern-day heroes, the Roller Champions. They roll up to 100 miles an hour, dash into opponents with visceral impact, wall-skate to the sky, and dunk while thousands of fans scream their names.

    You are one of them.

    As a Roller Champion, you compete in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team-possession, and score. You can go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each game, you gain fans, unlock sponsors, customize your character, and ultimately unlock impressive fan celebrations.

    Roll up to glory!


    Team up with two players and dive into fun Roller Champions gameplay, which combines competitive action and collaborative team play.
    - Go head-to-head against the opposing team through speed, wit, crushing tackles, and daring dodges to lap around the arena and be the first team to reach 5 points by throwing the ball through the hoop.
    - Feel the thrill of riding up and down the wall of the arena as you gain speed, quickly stop, pivot, and re-calibrate your location as your teammate races toward the goal with just one pass away from winning or one interception away from losing.

    Write your own legend. Start your sports career as the underdog and roll up to glory as you win matches.
    - Obtain more fans in the arena stands as you complete spectacular actions and progress to bigger stadiums.
    - Write your name in Roller Champions’ history books as you climb up the leaderboards.
    - Gain sponsors and sport their colors when you acquire notoriety, fans, and credits.

    Create your own character and customize your outfit as you progress.
    - Unlock new gear, including wheels, knee pads, helmets, and shoulder plates.
    - Create your perfect gathering of admirers to celebrate your every success in the arena.
    - Customize your fans with dedicated outfits and group animations.

    Roller Champions: Rules of the Arena | Ubisoft [NA]
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Comments • 51

  • Steph2Steph
    Steph2Steph  5 days back

    Is it only xbox

    • DarkTetsuya
      DarkTetsuya  4 weeks back

      I just wanna know when the next preview build will be! Even though I'm still getting the hang of the game, but I can't stop thinking how much fun I had during the E3 demo playtime...

      • DarkTetsuya
        DarkTetsuya  4 weeks back

        @Demi oh no I knew that, I just really enjoyed what I played! I know the final game will be out next year, but I'd still like to get in some practice rounds and see the new features and such as they're added... definitely willing to wait though.

      • Demi
        Demi  4 weeks back

        Wdym every game in e3 is coming out in 2020 be patient so they can make the game better.

    • Hokage Espada
      Hokage Espada  4 weeks back

      I am was a Blader and this is AMAZING!!!

      • X Marks The Spot
        X Marks The Spot  4 weeks back

        This looks like most other Ubisoft games in that it will become very repetitive quickly. And then be packed with micro transactions...

        • Matt Last
          Matt Last  3 days back

          When you pull your pants down in front of another joking bud :)

        • Boy
          Boy  4 weeks back

          I’m an idiot, can you explain to me what’s micro transactions pls?

      • Terence Caron
        Terence Caron  4 weeks back

        Feels like you announce the game way too early. That kind of game should release very soon once its announced, 2020 ? that's so far.

        • zengrath
          zengrath  4 weeks back

          I'm sorry but ubisoft while i love them for single player they are the absolute worst at putting together a good multiplayer experience. Just look at crew 2, they manage worst matchmaking then first game, kyou spend way more time getting into a multiplayer game then you have actually playing. You cannot easily join people in open world and in fact never had any success doing so. You can't even chat in multiplayer. And i'm sorry why can't i drive around while matchmaking is looking for a match at least? why do i have to wait for a match,, finally connect to one, find that everyone left because they just finished a match, then have to wait again, why not just do this in background then warp me into match when i actually have a match to play? it's so beyond frustrating how they keep failing to implement multiplayer that i simply don't trust them anymore. There is no way in heck they are going to implement an amazing quick matchmaking system like rocket league for example when crew 1 been out for years with far worst and crew 2 manages to be even WORST. you'd think they would have learned from first game, but i'd rather go to first game.... sigh.

          • Boy
            Boy  4 weeks back

            zengrath rainbow six siege is a really good multiplayer that they’ve made

        • Alexander
          Alexander  4 weeks back

          We get this
          Instead of new splinter cell guys...

          • Animefanboy4life
            Animefanboy4life  1 months back

            Battle Angel Alita skin needs to show up here

            • Animefanboy4life
              Animefanboy4life  4 weeks back

              @Ali Jawdat it was pretty good, though maybe because i never read the Manga or seen the anime. maybe thats why i liked it. since i couldnt really compare it to the Source material

            • Ali Jawdat
              Ali Jawdat  4 weeks back

              Animefanboy4life Just what I thought man I have never seen a guy smarter than you man did you watch the movie it was awesome by the way

          • Diegox1.0
            Diegox1.0  1 months back


            • HamBoy
              HamBoy  1 months back

              I fell like this would get stale real quick, needs abilities or something idk

              • Patinno
                Patinno  4 weeks back

                Yeah like each character has ablities

            • Johann R
              Johann R  1 months back

              SK4TE GIVE US SKATE4

              • Ubi Psowak
                Ubi Psowak  1 months back

                Can wait for it to come out !!!

                • Light _
                  Light _  1 months back

                  I can’t wait for this game 😋

                  • Hey, That's Pretty Good!
                    Hey, That's Pretty Good!  1 months back

                    Played the DEMO, so much fun, but if the game costs 60 dollars I’m not buying it

                    • Bugs Bunny
                      Bugs Bunny  1 months back

                      The game is free.

                    • Light _
                      Light _  1 months back

                      Hey, That's Pretty Good! I think it’s going to be free ....?

                  • Taufiq AR
                    Taufiq AR  1 months back

                    Wish someone would make a game something like Galatik football

                    • FTWItachiPlays
                      FTWItachiPlays  1 months back

                      Come check us out we stream 7 nights a week and upload 7 days a week featuring tons of different gaming content. We respond to any and all comments as well as very active!

                      • GODSPEED 33
                        GODSPEED 33  1 months back

                        Ubisoft make a football game please. With the same passion you put into AC and GR

                        • Null_
                          Null_  1 months back

                          Why aren't they charging money for this game? It looks pretty fun ngl

                          • WulfCry
                            WulfCry  1 months back

                            Where Allita and the other guys.

                            • Kye
                              Kye  1 months back

                              Rocket league 2.0?

                            • That Horror Show
                              That Horror Show  1 months back

                              I'll give it a shot

                              • Matt Noudelman
                                Matt Noudelman  1 months back

                                Looks great, but you should add music

                                • William Martinez
                                  William Martinez  1 months back

                                  Ubisoft when can we get more information about a beta for “Beyond good and evil 2 please??

                                  • WulfCry
                                    WulfCry  1 months back

                                    Damn I almost forgot about that one.

                                • Fallen Angel
                                  Fallen Angel  1 months back

                                  Fucking alitta battle angel sport

                                  • Exotic
                                    Exotic  1 months back

                                    Like the concept but music would make it better

                                    • DarkTetsuya
                                      DarkTetsuya  4 weeks back

                                      I know they did have a few licensed songs in the game, but yeah more in-game music would help I think!

                                    • Josh Brown
                                      Josh Brown  4 weeks back

                                      careless because it sounds super fucking awkward right now

                                    • careless
                                      careless  4 weeks back

                                      How will music make it better?

                                  • Exotic
                                    Exotic  1 months back


                                    • Jourdan Nance
                                      Jourdan Nance  1 months back

                                      The game should have music. It looked super awkward

                                      • Falcon
                                        Falcon  6 days back

                                        @AlcibiadesPFT thanks will watch it later.
                                        Tried some games in its first day it was good but lacked effects. Waiting for the full released game

                                      • AlcibiadesPFT
                                        AlcibiadesPFT  6 days back

                                        @Falcon I got videos of me playing this game on my channel. I live stream often..
                                        U should hear the music in the background too

                                      • AlcibiadesPFT
                                        AlcibiadesPFT  6 days back

                                        @Falcon It was only for 3 days. It won't be released until summer of 2020

                                      • Falcon
                                        Falcon  1 weeks back

                                        @AlcibiadesPFT is it still playable? If yes till when?

                                      • AlcibiadesPFT
                                        AlcibiadesPFT  1 weeks back

                                        They have 3 songs for the game so far.. If you played it you'd know

                                    • Dmarcus Baus
                                      Dmarcus Baus  1 months back

                                      This makes me think of Jet Set Radio Future.

                                      *UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND!*

                                    • R D
                                      R D  1 months back

                                      I like it :)