Xbox is fighting Google, not PlayStation

  • Published: 09 June 2019
  • At E3 2013, Microsoft tripped over its shoelaces as it tried to justify the unexpectedly high price and complex ecosystem of its upcoming console, the Xbox One. It required an internet connection and locked purchases to specific accounts, disrupting established resale and game-sharing processes. On top of that, executives were repeatedly dismissive of fans' concerns. When Phil Spencer, then the head of Microsoft Studios, announced a $500 price tag for the Xbox One, the E3 audience gasped and fell silent.

    Hours later, Sony took the stage. Executives presented their new console, the PlayStation 4, as the balm to Xbox's burn. It didn't need an internet connection to function, used games would play just fine, and titles wouldn't be tied to online accounts, making sharing easy with physical discs. PlayStation boss Jack Tretton announced the PS4's price of $400 and cheers exploded throughout the stadium.

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Comments • 3 734

  • Butch
    Butch  17 hours back

    I'd rather not stream and it seems Microsoft is watering down games to make this leap not cool with that invested alot money this gen in Xbox no longer I should have bought a pro over X simply because of games I thought Microsoft was going to drop killer hits for X and it never happened

    • John Titor
      John Titor  2 days back

      You made it seem like Microsoft can't afford to just bail on games whenever they want and be fine. Google and Microsoft are roughly the same size. If Google can afford to crash and burn then so can Microsoft.

      • David Payton
        David Payton  5 days back

        Google a competitor to Microsoft? Bwahahahaha google have wasted so much money with their failed ideas - google glass, google plus list goes on.

        • skatterbrain
          skatterbrain  6 days back

          Buhahahah omg her opening statement that Googles is the biggest competitor to Xbox . Is absolutely a FUCKING JOKE . she obviously hasn't seen the backlash & the stuff the gaming community has said about Google Stadia . It's an absolute joke & anyone who falls into there trap is unbelievably Stupid .

          If your a true Gamer then support A TRUE GAMING COMPANY, that's been doing this for Decades. Not one thats just now trying to jump into the game with there bullshit hardware , subscription service, cost & amount of games . Again I say Stadia is a joke

          • I am No one
            I am No one  6 days back

            Microsoft is king

            • Altus Snow
              Altus Snow  6 days back

              Ya ok, Google/Microsoft partnership. Android phone. Gmail. Ever heard of 'em? Microsoft network? The platform, transporting the internet services to ISP's.They're on the same team already. Microsoft is into charging you, for their use of your hardware, to further their profits, without compensation. Sony is an innovator. Microsoft, a govt. embedded monopoly of copy & paste 'ers.

              • XBOXRULES
                XBOXRULES  7 days back

                XBOX will fight anyone, get educated. MS didn't mess up with the launch of XBOX ONE, the weaboos were too fucking stupid to know that DRM was the future and that being connected to the internet was a good thing.

                • Jay Romeo
                  Jay Romeo  7 days back

                  900$ plus a fee plus pay for the game . Foh . No one buying that shit but drug dealers .

                  • tonydeadlock
                    tonydeadlock  7 days back

                    Sony is destroying xbox.

                    • Gary Campbell
                      Gary Campbell  1 weeks back

                      Hey girl it's not Halloween yet, also your content and delivery sucks

                      • Shvrs
                        Shvrs  1 weeks back

                        Me play ps4 cause thats what all me friends have

                        • Comical
                          Comical  1 weeks back

                          so what about playstation? what are they doing??

                          • Abdull Hills
                            Abdull Hills  1 weeks back

                            I like you for a chick I like the way you do your announcement..for the Xbox PS4 .& Stadia

                            • Muppajevel
                              Muppajevel  1 weeks back


                              • Lars Mark
                                Lars Mark  1 weeks back

                                The biggest games Are online only.. Wake up to reality

                                • Lars Mark
                                  Lars Mark  1 weeks back

                                  Great video... You can pick up your check at Microsoft

                                  • j bond
                                    j bond  1 weeks back

                                    Rather stay with physical copies. Internet speed not ready everywhere and might be decade til it is. Far I see google stadia isn’t going do much yet and probably going die off. Far I’ve seen PlayStation has had a commanding lead every gen. Xbox plans on working on have more games next gen. that be better but don’t go think that means they are going out do Sony cuz they already got more better games.

                                    • yesPANICs
                                      yesPANICs  1 weeks back

                                      All I want is to play games. I don't care if it's console or stream

                                      • Leslie Holmes
                                        Leslie Holmes  1 weeks back

                                        Hope streaming fails if it takes over gaming is done if I have my console and the internet is down I can still play if you are streaming you can not play the game it is going to suck

                                        • RoZenRavn
                                          RoZenRavn  1 weeks back

                                          “Game, Gamer, Gaming.” - Phil Spencer

                                          • Ash Mac
                                            Ash Mac  1 weeks back

                                            shut up SLUT.


                                            • mahantesh shivasangappa

                                              Ya you guys market iphones competitor is pixel not Samsung.

                                              • borntorazehell777
                                                borntorazehell777  1 weeks back

                                                Oh joy, Stadia will have over 30 games to play at launch. Meanwhile, PS5 and Xbox Scarlet will have their long list of backwards compat games to fall back on, while people wait for the next gen games to release/be developed... Seriously, who does Google thinking they're kidding?! They have no chance of beating PS5 or Xbox, since all the 30+ games they have can be played on console too!

                                                • AngelBeatz Prod
                                                  AngelBeatz Prod  1 weeks back

                                                  I been using GeForce now and I play all types of games lag free soooo I don’t care about this xcloud or stadya

                                                  • SushiDelux -
                                                    SushiDelux -  1 weeks back

                                                    Xcloud is basically Xbox Play Anywhere
                                                    And it’s only for a few games

                                                    • Matreyu Hermano
                                                      Matreyu Hermano  1 weeks back

                                                      Well done video. And well thought out. It'd be interesting to see where we are 1 year from now and how your video article predicts the future of gaming.

                                                      • Jeff U
                                                        Jeff U  1 weeks back

                                                        Google is disgusting.

                                                        • Pakalolo Boy
                                                          Pakalolo Boy  2 weeks back

                                                          Duh, we knew that when Sony had to beg xbox to collaborate.

                                                          • Christopher White
                                                            Christopher White  2 weeks back

                                                            Nice voice. Great job. 👍🏾

                                                            • D H
                                                              D H  2 weeks back

                                                              I don't get how streaming will work in terms of producing millions of games being controlled real time for everyone at good graphics levels, I think we maybe about 15yrs off that being even a possibility, sounds great but what graphics card do they have! it must be a big one

                                                              • Fubar
                                                                Fubar  2 weeks back

                                                                does anyone remember onlive?

                                                                • DrIVnGame
                                                                  DrIVnGame  2 weeks back

                                                                  What if live virtual reality do whatever you want streaming service is offered,...

                                                                  • Brakkeleer Thuis
                                                                    Brakkeleer Thuis  2 weeks back

                                                                    You have some BEAUTIFUL eyes girl!

                                                                    • Max Angelo
                                                                      Max Angelo  2 weeks back

                                                                      Idk any of what u said but i vote for playstation. No matter what its my childhood.

                                                                      • MrGrownman455
                                                                        MrGrownman455  2 weeks back

                                                                        Gaming on a Console by 2021 will be like using a DVD player to watch movies in 2012,
                                                                        Well the console days are pretty much over anyway. Cloud gaming is the future. Sony will have to give up the console sooner or later. I tested out some of the new PC cloud gaming services and I can play a triple A titles on my Smartphone now. So there is no need for a Nintendo Switch neither unless you just really want to play Nintendo exclusives which I don't Plus with 5G coming out and Cable companies continuing to improve the internet service and the Government's plan to spread High Speed internet all over America no matter where you live. This all makes consoles and physical games out dated.

                                                                        • DeJai Jones
                                                                          DeJai Jones  2 weeks back

                                                                          Those are not the biggest games lol

                                                                          • Steve James
                                                                            Steve James  2 weeks back

                                                                            This video is fkng hilarious.....

                                                                            • jokkoj
                                                                              jokkoj  2 weeks back

                                                                              I mean .. if you want to pay $40 every month for a service that in their best moment will give you a shit ton of latency and probably crash all the time due to connection issues , then go ahead and throw away your money. Or just save that money and get zero latency by buying a pc or console. And then sell it when you’re done and even get som money back .

                                                                              • Stacy Campbell
                                                                                Stacy Campbell  2 weeks back

                                                                                Bro Its Google Vs Playstation

                                                                                • Josh Davis
                                                                                  Josh Davis  2 weeks back

                                                                                  What a lovely piece of Microsoft propaganda this is. I wonder how much Microsoft paid for it.

                                                                                  • Gary Bodell
                                                                                    Gary Bodell  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Sony started this themselves back in 2014 with playstation now and even prior to that with the acquisition of (forgotten name) of a company that specialises in online game streaming back in 2012. Sony simply haven’t shown there hand yet but they do have plans well underway and a great foundation to build on (ie they would have learnt positives and negatives from ps now).

                                                                                    • Markangelo Guevarra
                                                                                      Markangelo Guevarra  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Can this google thing give us ghost of tsutsima last of us 2 ff7 remake

                                                                                      • stavros haramis
                                                                                        stavros haramis  2 weeks back

                                                                                        It's been Google ever since Nadella took over. Msft will not allow Google to WP its own Xbox gaming.

                                                                                        Xbox will close shop of Stadia instead.

                                                                                        • Robert Kelly
                                                                                          Robert Kelly  2 weeks back

                                                                                          That a sad excuse of course PlayStation and Sony who will dominate them again next generation.

                                                                                          • Michael Anthony
                                                                                            Michael Anthony  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Stadia is trash and we all know it

                                                                                            • Michael Anthony
                                                                                              Michael Anthony  2 weeks back

                                                                                              What kind of idiotic, nonsensical and biased comparison is this😑

                                                                                              • Lucifer Morningstar
                                                                                                Lucifer Morningstar  2 weeks back

                                                                                                Here in Sweden you can get 1000Mbit/s.

                                                                                                • Fretboy _
                                                                                                  Fretboy _  2 weeks back

                                                                                                  You dont gain wieght do you? "She gotta hiiiigh metabuhlizm"